Support Services

Support Services Turnersville, New Jersey



Pregnancy Option Peer Counseling

We provide education about pregnancy, fetal development, and birth so you can make an informed decision about your pregnancy. Additionally, we offer support services in Turnersville, New Jersey, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s circumstances.

Our goal is to empower you to make the best decision for YOUR pregnancy. In an options education session, you can engage with a compassionate advocate to discuss what parenting, adoption, or abortion might entail for your future. Learn more about your choices.

Developing Healthy Relationships

We provide free educational resources, including support services in Turnersville, New Jersey, to help you form healthy, positive relationships and navigate common relationship challenges.

Parenthood Support Program: EQUIP

Learn about yourself, develop your parenting skills, strengthen your relationships, manage your lifestyle, create a balance for work and family. Our “Earn-While-You-Learn” Parenthood Program, EQUIP,  exists to give support for moms and dads to be.

Our popular program helps to answer many of the questions you may have. With each lesson you can earn “Baby Bucks” to use at Choices Thrift Boutique, receive diapers, and/or earn new baby items.

The Center Staff is available to provide support and resources during this time of transition and change. The lessons are fun, interesting and practical. We can help you learn how to be the best parent you can be!

The EQUIP program will service clients throughout their pregnancy and can be attended in a class setting, one-on-one, or both.

Maternity, Baby Items & Choices Boutique

Whether you choose to parent alone, co-parent, or parent with your spouse, we offer parenting classes with opportunities to earn “baby bucks” or diapers through our Parenting Support Program: EQUIP. With your “baby bucks”, you can purchase gently used items at Choices Thrift Boutique.  We also frequently do raffles for larger, new items for those that attend regularly.

Available items include:

  • Maternity clothes
  • Infant and children’s clothing
  • Diapers
  • Blankets
  • New large accessories, like bouncy seats, infant walkers & strollers
  • New toys
  • Baby furniture

Birthing Classes

Birthing classes are an important part of preparing to have a baby. They can help you develop a birth plan and ease your anxiety about the unknowns of labor and delivery. For more information about upcoming classes visit our events page, call or visit us today.

Community Referrals

Outside of our own services, we can also help you access other community services and resources that could benefit you and your baby. We provide referrals to doctors, healthcare providers, adoption agencies, WIC, Medicaid and other community resources. Our center provides you with a verification of pregnancy form for state health insurance.

Know your options. Be educated.